Healdsburg Tech-Play – Fun and Games

Annie's game

Scratch – The Tour

Well, we didn’t exactly decide not to do the tour but the campers were clearly loosing interest. Part of this is that they pretty much learned all the tech behind QR Codes and WordPress so they wanted more challenge. Chad suggested that we introduce them to Scratch, the graphical programing language.  This was an mediate hit.

Over the course of two days, with Chad’s help, she created a wonderful game called: The Ghost the ate the Allis’ and Unicorns.  Here’s a link to a video of her demo.

Levi recreated the classic game Pong and is not figuring out how to make it even more challenging.

Matt blew right by Scratch and working with Christian went directly to learning Objective C.  Time will tell what this leads to.

Cole has become our videographer and has created a great “trailer” for the camp.  This will soon be posted to the Healdsburg Rec website and I’ll add the link went it is up.

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