Healdsburg Tech-Play Camp – QR Tour of the Plaza

 qr sites 1qr sites 2

The QR Plaza Tour

The campers made a map of the plaza and then determined QR Tag sites that they campers are most interested in developing.  As they did this a theme began to emerge: Ghost of the Plaza.  Some of these are actual ghost and some are things hat used to be here and are now gone. The sites are:
  • Ghost Cow – Mercantile Shop-Corner of Center & Plaza
  • Ghost Person – name TBD – Mural on side of same building
  • Gobi Building – Before and after 1906
  • Hat shop Ghost
  • Ghosts of the various bandstands
  • Ghost of the old City Hall
  • Squeedunks
  • Garrett’s Hardware
  • Jousting contests

The campers created pages for each of these and populated about half of them with content for the first page. The next steps will be to finish the 1s pages and then visit with Holly at the Museum to get “The Rest of The Story”.



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