Healdsburg Tech-Play Camp – ROBOTS!

robot intro

Why so Much Math?

The camp started off with the campers getting to know each other. Since these camper are younger that our morning camp the ice breaking went very quickly and we found ourselves right into some of the technical info regarding robots and programing in general.

binary chad binary

Chad id a great job of introducing the concept of binary numbers.  As he got into this one camper asked, “why does one question about controlling robots lead to 30 minutes of math?”  Great question which lead to even more talk about how math the essential tool of tech.

We then had a chance to get to know Romo.  At first they could only sort of cash him around but they quickly learned how to play with him.

Here’s a link to some video of that process.

The Disco Floor

Meanwhile “Team Romo” decided he needed a race track and promptly began making it one.

track one

By the next day the disco floor became a much larger.  Here’s a video of the camp in action.

And here is a video of some of the campers first encounter with Romo.



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