The Power of Play Manifesto


There are three elements to realize the transformative power of play. These elements form a self-reinforcing system that is sustainable and adaptive.


To understand why play is fundamental, we need to understand play itself.  The core characteristics of play are:

·       Play initially is biologically driven and literally creates the brain and our perceptions of reality.

·       Play cannot be externally driven and is, therefore, the essence of freedom.

·       Play is purely social even when it seems to be solitary such a baby playing with their fingers.

·       A society base on the natural patterns of behavior and thinking laid down through play will be progressive.


There is a saying often used in military circles, “quantity has a quality all its own” that too few of us give the importance the notion deserves. The same concept is reflected in modern life as when some idea, image, or meme is said to “go viral”. The idea is that, like a virus, its spread is exponential.


Inclusive means that differences such as race, gender, class, religion, ability, wealth, generation, and geography are discounted. This ensures inclusion of all persons. It also results in equality of opportunity and the capability of all members of a group to determine their agreed set of social norms.

Play + Scale + Inclusion = Transformation

Adopting the characteristics of play for all results in a society in which all benefit, that is progressive and just.

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