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  1. I can’t load the rest of the article….and I am absolutely interested in reading…

    Ya know – I once told John Frank at a mtg in Denmark (remember him??) – I was holding a BigToys scale Model – I said – we need a playground where the point of access and point of egress is the same – and took a scale model and turned it upside down….I tried to talk BigToys into taking the old SB 4 BigToys and remove the decks….they all laughed at me! This was a couple years before galaxy! Michael Laris was the visionary – pure n simple…that guy conceived it! Valerie Wiggin conceived the BigToys Summit Series several years later (see I shoulda got a patent)

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    • John,
      Laris is indeed a visionary, but Galaxy began before he came aboard, and Ulla Hansen and Claus Isaksen were the original designers. It was a tremendous break from the wood-is-good tradition, and had to come out with very strong characteristics, hence the unique appearance. It didn’t offer enough flexibility and variety to suit the marketplace, and that’s when it was decided to expand it. Toward that end, the International Product Development team was formed, with designers Ulla, Claus, Julie Kjaer-Madsen, and eventually, Michael Laris, in Denmark, and Lani Wollwage and myself here in the US. Michael was indeed key to the success and to a large degree, the direction – especially the organization of the modules into “Links”, “Cores”, and “Stabiles”, and several methods of relating these to one another. Also, he was key to design of some of the Links and Cores, but the original vision was really Ulla and Claus, as I understand it. The redesign was a charmed project, very exciting to be a part of, and everything ran smoothly and on-time, and major problems were rare. It launched, and made money at the outset. It was added onto in later seasons, including several adaptations from the Speelhout line, with Claus and Michael as the designers for these. One of the most exciting additions was to include electronics to expand the game and fitness aspects, and this was also overseen by Michael, and begun during the first major expansion of Galaxy, begun in 1999-2000. I have played on some of these, and they are indeed fun, especially those that I experienced at the Kompan HQ in Odense in 2011, and offer a real fitness opportunity. I think that a major market-penetration issue with these products probably has a lot to do with their very high retail prices. I really miss working in that milieu, with that group! It was a very great group of dedicated, intelligent, and innovative designers, for whom the child’s benefit is top priority. Thanks for reminding me about this great experience in my life.



  2. Thank you my friend. Also remember that 10 Plus was in fact the 1st Deck-less and I was a consult for that system. It also introduced the one person spinner and other new events. Unfortunately it was a time at Kompan when everything had to be wood. Michael did a brilliant job of taking those initial ideas and actually developing a product.


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