Healdsburg Tech-Play Camp – Where do we go from here?

Once we found out that we couldn’t do a lot of the tech we wanted just on iPads and that we needed high end computers we concluded that the camps will not be sustainable as currently configured in that the resources required will add too much cost for typical camp participants. Recognizing this we are beginning to think about shorter camps that don’t require so much computer overhead.

We learned that a 3 week camp too long as the campers quickly consumed all the materials we had and that in turn required going to program content that was outside our set of goals, and so we propose running the next camps for just one week each with fairly narrow subject matter. We also discovered that with a 3 three week camp 3 hours per day was too long and the campers needed other diversions. Again requiring adding support like snacks that were not in the original plan. However we think that with shorter one week “intensive” camps, 3 hrs per day will work, at least for campers 12 and up.

We learned that there is all kinds of tech out there and that we can really open up to new ideas, tools and toys.  Again, shorter, more focused camps will allow this to happen.

While looking at other types of tech we have found that some of these ideas, like rockets and robots can be found in our local schools so we want to be sure to bring additional interest to these that make them as fun as possible. Here’s the current list of ideas.

Proposed 2015 Tech-Play Camps

Rockets Rockets

Tiny Door  Make a Tiny Door and find by GPS

QR Trail  Creating a Nature Trail

Robots  Robots

games  Invent Your Own Game

Aerial Aerial Photography

Cannons  Cannons

3d  3D Printing & Graphics

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