Healdsburg Tech-Play Camp – The Begining


Well, Duh!

If you design and market a Tech-Play camp guess what kind of kids you get?  Very bright, shy and awkward. Our camp leaders; Chad, Christian and Coral did a great job of breaking the ice and getting the kids a lot more comfortable being with each other and interacting with the other campers.

Progress Report to The Recreation Director

Thank you for assisting our team this morning in their contacts with the merchants around the Plaza.  While I expected a positive response from the businesses the results were even better than I’d hoped.
Our meeting with Holly Hood at the Museum was incredible. Holly mesmerized us with her stories about Healdsburg.  She helped us understand that historical research is very different from and a lot more interesting than a google search.
We were particularly pleased to learn that the next exhibit of the Museum with be the History of the Plaza.  That suggested to us that we should narrow the focus of the camp to the historical stories of the plaza with the thought of leaving the QR Tags in place for at least the duration of the next exhibit and perhaps longer. The system for generating the codes allows us to change their content dynamically from our computers so, if needed, later we can adapt the content of the tour’s tags to to mesh with the exhibit.
As I originally conceived this Camp I thought we should offer many options for the campers. Today it became clear that the campers will have a better experience and a better product if we narrow the scope somewhat, i.e. not do games, only stories. What we will suggest Monday when the camp starts is that each of the three teams will get one block as their subject – Plaza, Center and Matheson. This will give each team 6 to 8 buildings around which they can build their stories. During this next week we will work with the campers to come up with a unified story structure, i.e. Then and Now, After the Quake, Ghosts and Amazing events, etc.
The challenge now may be transportation and scheduling. Holly is willing to allow the campers access to the collection before the Museum opens which will really help give the campers the time they will need. I think we can also have a lot of work done back at Foss Creek on our computers so some camper will be there and some can be at the museum which will reduce our impact on the research space. However, that will still mean we have to move the Campers around some.
Grace provided us with excellent team building exercises. While we expressed our gratitude it would be terrific if you also let her know how much we appreciated her skills and knowledge.
All in all, an EXCELLENT day,

QR Code Treasure Hunt

Our first project was to create a treasure hunt around the Foss Creek Recreation Center.  The course has 8 stations.  Each station has three clues.  Creating this course required, in addition to game design and content creation, that the campers learn how to generate QR Codes which they found to be fairly easy.  The more difficult challenge was learning WordPress as that is the platform we used to host the hunt. All of the campers mastered both of these challenges.  Some became very proficient in less than two hours!

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