What’s the Next Step for Inclusive Playgrounds?

I congratulate all those who worked so hard to help make playgrounds accessible. Now that the major aspects of that fight have been written into Federal Code, what is the next step?Gametime 85297Gametime design #85297

I believe the focus should now turn to how playgrounds need to be designed and retrofitted to enhance inclusiveness. Frankly, while the ADA has been enacted, in my personal experience, I do not see a significant improvement in children of all abilities playing together. Wasn’t that the whole point? This situation isn’t helped by the trend of children in general going to playgrounds less and less.

I have a few ideas that I’d like to share but I’d like your thoughts on this issue before I expose too many ideas.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Next Step for Inclusive Playgrounds?

  1. If playgrounds were more about designing spaces instead of objects, inclusiveness might be possible. Equipment seems to put a disabled child on display as they ascend up an endless ramp with few thrills to experience at the end. The delight may be to go down the ramp instead, if it wasn’t for those able bodied kids constantly getting in the way!
    Playgrounds don’t serve kids as much as the convenience of the municipality or guardian who contain play within very tight and affordable parameters. The play unit is suppose to perform all functions, but appears instead as a silly little structure that kids don’t even see the relevance in.
    It’s not that some of the play events aren’t fun, but as a central focus, there really is little invitation to participate. It’s like a glutenous stack of candy served at an Easter egg hunt instead of finding your own chocolate egg.
    In the news these day, kids seems to be taking the lead in altering our perception of the value of the playground structure by burning them down. Good idea, although I would suggest explosives instead. Spread out those play features! Let them fall into places where the delight in getting to them is as much as using them. Once playgrounds can become part of the landcaspe they are to perform in, then maybe discussions of inclusiveness can be taken seriously.


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